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Shannon Reaves was born and raised in Brentwood, TN. This is a suburb of Nashville, TN, in the southern area of the USA. He has a very diverse background of degrees and employment. Shannon first graduated from Tennessee Technological University in 2001 with an Environmental Biology degree and minor in Chemistry. His first job was at Vanderbilt Medical center in Nashville, TN participating in stem cell research on cloning gastrointestinal stem cells of mice that was dependent on different growth factors being applied.


Once he realized being a mad scientist was not his ultimate goal, he then decided to move to Hawaii and continued to work in research with shrimp. This research was done at Oceanic Institute and was one of the trials going on to attempt to decrease salinity of water and depleting oxygen levels with an ultimate goal of growing shrimp fast with the least environmental impact. While the pay was not very optimal, he had a lot of shrimp which was used for bartering for everything he needed.


The next job, which he continued for about 6 years, was being an Pathologist Assistant/ Pathology grossing Technician. Which involved understanding the anatomy and physiology of the entire human body. In this position, the Technician dissects and orients human tissues of all parts of the body in relation to how they were taken out of the body. For example, if someone has cancer and has an organ taken out or even skin tissue, the tissue is inked in a way so the Pathologist reading the slide will understand where the cancer is as well as how invasive the cancer can be within the body.


After being in a lab once again and seeing the problems of life in every aspect. Shannon then decided he wanted to help people on a more direct/personal level. In 2006, he then moved back to Nashville from the waves, and started on his quest to become a Speech Language Pathologist.


It was a long journey of prerequisite classes and clinical experiences in every aspect. He then completed his Masters Degree in Speech Pathology with a 3.8 GPA, is Board Certified with ASHA ( American Speech Hearing Association ) (NOMS – National Outcomes Measurement System ) and is licensed as an SLP in the state of Georgia. Shannon is experienced in birth to adult in all aspects of Speech, Expressive/Receptive Language, Voice, Fluency, Cognitive aspects of Language, and Dysphagia ( Swallowing ).


Shannon is very passionate about music, soul searching travel, any aspect of art, and helping people find themselves through their own individuality and communication. Shannon works in healthcare recruiting and other speech and language related services that are delivered online.

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