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Does Your Accent Affect your Salary?

This type of question has a lot of different angles and obviously is dependent on your type of job and location. There has been recent studies that have shown that your appearance and the way you speak obviously are impressions that last. It is not Rocket Science that many people will immediately judge you based on the way you present yourself and how you fit into any particular work setting.


“Ho Brah” “We Go Moana” “ Mo Bettah”

If anyone has spent time in Hawaii and they are not from the Islands; then they will understand how actually not having the local dialect can honestly hurt your job potential and also other social areas within the community.
Now, of course, this is situational and not every Malihini or Haole will succumb to this fate but it is part of the culture. This situation and also many other small local spots across the world, such as African American dialect, etc..can help you if you are able to rise within the community. People that have been able to understand this mentality have been able to achieve “code – switching”. This technique takes a great understanding of Standard English and also the pronunciation but also the awareness of being able to switch over to the local pidgeon language.


What did you Say?

While New Jersey ranks 5th in the sexiest accents in North America and the southern accent #1; These two accents might help you land a part in the Jersey Shore or a late night romp but recent research says that they are the least attractive in the workplace.


A study by Diane Markley and Patricia Cukor-Avila has shown that among ten regional accents out of fifty-six potential hires, the Jersey accent is the least attractive to employers. The recruiters were additionally asked what type of job would be suitable and they stated that only 5% of the potential job candidates would be suitable for a role that has contact with customers.


Don’t Be a Sell Out

There are always two sides of the coin as while we have many people saying to ditch the accent upon a potential interview or attempting to climb the corporate ladder; There are others saying to stay strong and represent your true self.


So, what is the best decision in wanting to achieve greatness in the corporate world when you can’t help to scream out “Hey Ya’ll”.. When you show up for work with your doughnuts and coffee?


The simple answer is.. There is no answer to achieving greatness with your individual accent.


If you are not going to have much public speaking or customer contact; Then it might simply just be a decision for your own security and relationships while you might just be better off “Doing You.”


However, It is easier to find this answer and jump into accent training when your career involves speaking, sales, or something to the likes of an MD. It might be somewhat of a problem, if you diagnosed a patient with Carpool Tunnel Syndrome or Diftheria and oh… the major pet peeve of any Speech Pathologist, the dreaded Larnyx.